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Our Staff

Jim Lockwood


Jim Lockwood has been a professional lifeguard for the City of San Diego Fire Rescue Lifeguard Division since 1986. He spent 12 years on the ocean honing his ocean surf, lifesaving, and personal watercraft skills. He then transferred to the San Diego Lifeguard’s Boating Safety Unit, where he received specialized rescue boat handling and boat rescue training. With over 26 years as a professional rescuer, Jim has logged countless water rescues and medical aides.

Jim's training and experience includes:

  • Emergency Medical Technician, CPR, AED
  • Rescue Boat Operator, Hard Hull
  • Marine Fire Boat Operator
  • Inflatable Rescue Boat Operator and Instructor
  • CA Dept of Boating and Waterways Marine Firefighter
  • Boat Accident Investigation and Reconstruction and Boating Navigation Certifications
  • Rescue Three Swift Water Rescue Technician I and II
  • San Diego Fire Rescue River Rescue Team 
  • USCG Helicopter Training
  • Law Enforcement PC 832A Certification
  • Production Diver/Water Safety For Fox Studios Production of the Titanic
  • Water Safety/Water Stunts 
  • Water Safety on a number of triathlon
  • Big Wave World Tour PWC Operator

Alan Kraklow

  • Lived in San Diego for 35 years
  • Bachelors of science in criminal justice from cal state university long beach.
  • Professional lifeguard for 21 years
  • Boating safety office for 11 years
  • Emergency Dispatch, VHF, and 911 Trained Officer/call taker
  • Emergency medical technician
  • 23 foot rescue boat and 35 foot fire boat operator
  • Heavy rescue crane truck operator
  • Training officer in atv, utv, emergency vehicles, rescue vessels, fire fighting vessels, and personal water craft
  • Member of California task force 8, state search and rescue team
  • Trained in confined space and trench rescue
  • Trained in swift water rescue and coastal cliff rescue
  • 10 year member of San Diego lifeguard dive rescue team
  • Scuba diver for 19 years with over 700 dives
  • Dove all over the world including Maldives, Palau, Mexico with great white sharks, and all over the carribean
  • Padi scuba instructor. Specialities in mixed gas, deep, photography, video, search and recovery, wreck diving, dive master certified, and use of dry suits.

Marc Brown (Brownie)

  • Born and raised in South Mission Beach, San Diego
  • Professional Lifeguard: 19yrs
  • Boating Experience: 25yrs
  • Boating and Safety Officer
  • Emergency Dispatcher in 911 and VHF
  • Field Training Officer (FTO) in the following: ATV, Personal Water Craft, Bay Patrol Vessel, Fire Boat, Surf boat
  • Personal WaterCraft Operator/FTO/ Professional Experience Racing PWC's, International JetSki Boating Association (IJSBA)
  • Marine Fire Fighter / FTO
  • Marine Fire Firefighter Boat Operator 32 and 35 ft
  • SCUBA Certified: Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver (Worked on the set of James Cameron "Titanic") / Nitrox Diver certified
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Surfer
  • Spear fisherman
  • Commercial Divers License
  • Ironman Triathlete

Edward B. Harris

San Diego Lifeguards – 1989 to present

• Sergeant/Dive Rescue Team Leader

• Surf Boat, Fireboat, PWC Operator/Instructor

• Emergency Medical Technician

Deep Sea Challenger, James Cameron

• Test Diver/Safety Diver

• Free dives testing and filming rapid ascents from 100 ft.

Bottoms Up Diving Services

• Owner/Operator, 1988-1992

• Provided diving services, hull repairs, cleaning, and salvage

• Clients included Pelagos, NAASCO, Kerchival and U.S. Navy

Club Med

• Martinique, French West Indies

• Moorea, French Polynesia

• San Salvador, Bahamas

• Playa Blanca, Mexico

• Scuba Diving Instructor/Dive Team Coordinator

United States Marine Corp.

Non-Commissioned Officer, 1984-1988

• Amphibious Assault Crew Chief

• Water Safety Survival Instructor

• Coordinated and Instructed division aquatics from basic swimming thru advanced water survival

United States Coast Guard Master Mariner (expired)

• Scuba Instructor for NAUI and Dive Rescue International

• D.B.W. Marine Fire Fighting, Basic Boating and Rescue Boat Handling

• Swiftwater Rescue Level One and Two

• Cliff Rescue Technician

• Orange County Occupational Dive Course, 1982

Medal of Valor, United States Lifesaving Association

• One of only 33 recipients nationwide

• Lifeguard of the Year, 1995

• USMC Meritorious Mast, Two Awards

Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis has been an ocean lifeguard for 19 years with the past 13 years as a professional open water lifeguard for the San Diego Fire Rescue Lifeguard Division. Ben has acquired various and extensive real rescue experience during his, nearly two decades, on watch. When Ben is not refining and expanding his own skills, he provides training to other lifeguards and professional rescuers. When not busy ensuring the safety of others, Ben can nearly always be found in or around the ocean.

Ben's training and experience includes:

  • Rescue Boat Operator, Hard Hull
  • Personal Water Craft Operator with over 100 real rescues
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician
  • Water Safety/Production SCUBA diver for the film Titanic
  • Stuntman for Walt Disney's film production Meet the Deedles
  • Technical Rope Rescue Specialist
  • Inflatable Rescue Boat Operator
  • CA Dept of Boating and Waterways Rescue Boat Handler and Marine Firefighter
  • Boating Safety Officer
  • Emergency Medical Technician

Ryan Hargrave

With over 15 years experience in lifeguarding, ocean safety and surf lessons he still enjoys sharing the skills with others. After graduating from SDSU he spent years surfing around the world and working as a boatmen in Fiji & Samoa and honing his skills on a PWC in big surf. He has a wealth of ocean knowledge with years of experience in surfing, diving, paddling, boat driving and fishing. Between chasing swells and adventrues to Mexico. Ryan dables in real estate and finance.  He holds an EMT and still lifeguards at Solana Beach and Encinitas. 


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