Edward B. Harris

San Diego Lifeguard, Test Diver/Safety Diver for Deep Sea Challenger, Owner/Operator of Bottoms Up Diving Services
, Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corp.
, United States Coast Guard Master Mariner, Medal of Valor, United States Lifesaving Association

Edward B. Harris

San Diego Lifeguards – 1989 to present

• Sergeant/Dive Rescue Team Leader
• Surf Boat, Fireboat, PWC Operator/Instructor
• Emergency Medical Technician

Deep Sea Challenger, James Cameron

• Test Diver/Safety Diver
• Free dives testing and filming rapid ascents from 100 ft.

Bottoms Up Diving Services

• Owner/Operator, 1988-1992
• Provided diving services, hull repairs, cleaning, and salvage
• Clients included Pelagos, NAASCO, Kerchival and U.S. Navy

Club Med

• Martinique, French West Indies
• Moorea, French Polynesia
• San Salvador, Bahamas
• Playa Blanca, Mexico
• Scuba Diving Instructor/Dive Team Coordinator

United States Marine Corp.

• Non-Commissioned Officer, 1984-1988
• Amphibious Assault Crew Chief
• Water Safety Survival Instructor
• Coordinated and Instructed division aquatics from basic swimming thru advanced water survival

United States Coast Guard Master Mariner (expired)
• Scuba Instructor for NAUI and Dive Rescue International
• D.B.W. Marine Fire Fighting, Basic Boating and Rescue Boat Handling
• Swiftwater Rescue Level One and Two
• Cliff Rescue Technician
• Orange County Occupational Dive Course, 1982

Medal of Valor, United States Lifesaving Association
• One of only 33 recipients nationwide
• Lifeguard of the Year, 1995
• USMC Meritorious Mast, Two Awards